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Games Design Workshop
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For Absolute Beginners
Have you ever wanted to make your own computer game, but just didn’t know where to start? There  has never been a better time to start your journey as an Indi-Developer or bedroom-coder, phone and mobile device apps are the in thing right now and device manufacturers are looking for the next Angry Birds for their devices. So you have come to the right place, we will be running a 10 week workshop over the summer for absolute beginners, the workshop will consist of 10 half day seminars in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Each half day over the 10 weeks will cover every thing you need to get started in the ever popular world of games creation, you will learn. What makes a good game Audio and music tips and tricks Video and graphics tips and tricks Design and architecture of game play 3d Graphics and manupulation of 3d objects Learn how to code a game from scratch ( yes, you will learn how to program ) You will learn in a classroom environment, with a tutor who has worked in the games industry. The workshop will start by taking you through all the steps of design, prototype and alpha stages of a game. You will learn a very easy but powerful programming language, each step been explained in an easy to understand manner, learning about special-FX to make your games stand out from the rest. We will even cover how to sell your games to the end users. To find out more and how to book click here or follow the links above on the menu bar.
Each Half Day Workshop Costs Just 20.00

Limted Seats Available Book Now To Avoid Disapointment